Why throw away the package? The Th products come inside a custom, stylish tote bag that you can use later on.

Tailor's Home Product Tags are also Motivational Bookmark

We believe in a good read. Every Th product comes with a beautifully designed bookmark with quotes from famous authors and dreamers.

Tailor's Home Sheets Stay in Place Within the Covers.

Thinking about everything. Our plush covers are equipped with a simple lock on each corner, to assure the cover stays in place.

Tailor's Home Finest Quality Cotton

It’s 100% cotton. All the time. Except when it’s 100% cotton saten.


There are quite some details at work in our designs. Playful ribbons or tasteful lace completes the experience.


It is quite simple really. Zippers are faster than buttons. We really want to make things simple.